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YGO Promotions is a Promotional Site for Yugioh Videos & for Yugioh Academies

★ Send your Videos to me by Adding me on Discord Ikazuchisan#6240/Skype Ni9htVisionz please tell me who you are when requesting to add me or Send me a message on YouTube

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- If there is Music in your video please let me know what the song is so i can add it to the site thanks

- If your video is on the site & you would like it removed or changes made to it please let me know by sending me a message either by 
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★ YGO Promotions ★

YGO Promotions is a Site dedicated to grouping all Yugioh/Academy videos in one place for all to see and was maded to keep a record of what has been happening in Yugioh Academies over the years

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