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Monday, 16 January 2017

[ DAD vs. YTBG Academy War] Evil_Bakura vs _Judgment_Dragon_

Credits to [EX] Team Exile! for the Video
► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMC71UmcGQuFNNsv5XOP_eg

DAD vs. YTBG Academy War

Match Duel (2/3) Siding allowed TCG Advanced Format FE Style

Team Line-Up ►
YT line up:
1. MUFC 2. PhantomVIII 3. FenixFX 4. Enigma 5. n_a_r_u_t_o3 - subbed in for Psycho DAD 6. Judgment Dragon 7. Nedvedd
Subs: 1. Crow95 2. Techo 3. n_a_r_u_t_o3 - subbed in for Psycho DAD
DAD line up: 1- vem123 2- svstar34 3- vongola 4- Evil_Bakura 5- Shadow 6- sam tisdale 7- Pilover
Subs: 1- KingMP 2- Dark_Armed_Dragon 3- Ballin1521

►DAD: http://darkarmeddragon.motionforum.net/


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